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Sunday, December 30, 2018


A fast rising star amongst Islamic gospel Act, Hajia Rahamat Na’Allah, ak.a Ike Anobi is set to release her new album titled Ipin.
Rahamat in an interview with this magazine said, “Ipin means Destiny, and it plays a significant role in the life of every living soul. As a gospel Act, we are teachers and its necessary we educate our teeming fans and other music lovers the importance of Destiny and what is requested of them in working towards living accordingly to avert what could affect their destiny.
“My new album Ipin will x-rays the importance of Destiny and also establishes the difference between Destiny and some occurrences people caused themselves; but consider it as destiny. The album is meant for all; irrespective of religious inclination, gender or race because every human being comes with a destiny. Hence our closeness to God has to be sacrosanct because upon our arrival here on earth, human beings are faced with different challenges and overcoming it, one has to be steadfast with his or her God.”

Na’Allah a.k.a Ike Anobi who has gotten another new name recently, Omotaye-n-so hailed from Ilorin in Kwara state. Her sojourn in music started from her Arabic school, Al-Zakofy in Iyana-Ipaja area of Lagos.
Going down memory lane, she said, “I could recall how my teacher at Modrassah then was bent in making me explore my talent. He was the first to discover the trait of a musician in me. First, I thought he was making the whole thing difficult for me by forcing me to sing anytime there was an event at the Modrassah.  He would always said, you have got this talent, use it and it will be of great advantage to you in future. I give thanks to God, that today I am amongst those that sing to propagate the teaching of the Holy Prophet. I sing and teach people what Qu’ran says, what Allah forbids and how best to live as Muslims and human being generally.”
Rahamat some years back came out with her maiden album titled ORI MI TETE LA. Now it is Ipin, (Destiny) she is about to release as we go into the year 2019.

In her reaction to why she chose Islamic music as a career, she said, “My parents are Muslim, I was born into the religion and had the opportunity of attending an Arabic school where I was discovered as being good in music. I chose Islamic songs because I wanted to impact the knowledge I got at Islamic school into people through music. If I cannot stand in the class and teach people, I could teach several millions that would come across my album throughout the world via different medium. So, my quest is to propagate Islamic religion and also shares the teaching of the Holy Prophet through music.”
As an upcoming artiste, Omo-taye-n-so said, “There are several challenges upcoming artistes face these days, We hardly see people or marketer that could invest in our music, they are always after those that have made name for themselves; it is so difficult in the industry today, Marketer and other music promoters are only interested in artistes that are popular.
The era of taking money from music promoter to record an album, am afraid I think it’s gone, and that is why many talents out there are wasting away. Music promoter should invest in good talents so that our vibrant music industry can be sustained.” 
Na’Allah has promised her fans that 2019 will be an active year for her with lots of works coming from her stable including video album.  

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