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Friday, November 9, 2018


The music industry has once again been beefed up with the arrival of sensational XEL, who has vowed to make his genre of music the best among equals, and the music industry will never be the same again by the time XEL .officially launches out fully. 
Born Prince Kerian Omeh Otaru on the of 12th August 1990 into the royal families of Otaru and Okogbe which both parents hailing from the two royal families at that time, which happened to be the (2) two monarchy ruling councils in Dagbala village in Akoko–Edo North, Edo State Part of Nigeria. He is from a family of eight children of which he happens to be the last born.  He started his academic career in Dagbala Primary and Secondary Schools in Akoko Edo LGA, Edo State.
He has delighted in singing and writing songs right from the tender age of 10 and also picked interest in playing football. It wasn’t a surprise therefore when he ended up being a musician because music runs in his family, He is also a good break-dancer which has added up to his stage gesticulation and articulation when performing his songs. He used to be part of a defunct dance group, called DXI, before he fully veered into music. He became musically active in the 2006, his kind of music was inspired by listening to music by Afro beat legend,  Fela Anikulapo Kuti, King Sunny Ade, Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey, 2baba, Sunny Neji, Asa, Usher Raymond, R Kelly to mention but few. His real stage name is Kerian which had the suffix ‘XEL’, was coined from the English word ‘excel’, inspired by his desire to triumph and excel in whatever he lays his hands on, and that is exactly what he is about to manifest and make real in the immediate future.
He is signed to SkyDive Records alongside label mate, I’Snow Prinz who mutually featured on his songs. He is also a choreographer, actor and writer. He previously claimed to be an extrovert on a radio interview, but that was only a comical gesture from him to please his teeming fans. He was an actor in the early 90s under Ogogoro production (squarterz). We don't wanna refer to him as the latest wizkid but the professionalism of his velvet voice, alto-primera is sorts of sounds to passionately reckon with following his genre of music in the Afro-beat, Urban and Afro pop industry. He is willing to reach out to the world with good music.
He is presently being managed and promoted by the ubiquitous and distinctive OAP/Media Consultant, Sean Polotee for SkyDive Records. Sensational XEL has since been catching up on his act performing at many gigs, carnivals, shows, corporate events, marriages, birthdays and many social functions that require the presence of showbiz stars and entertainers on parade. It should be noted here that XEL has vowed that his excel intention is already manifesting in all his appearances as he has continued to be the rave of the moment in all its ramifications as far as music is concerned. For those who are yet to catch the bug of XEL, they are surely missing something and had better join the XEL trend in order not to be left out of the moving train.
That is why his upcoming ground-breaking debut album, yet to be titled for reason of not being copyrighted by some devious people will be a chart buster and rule the air waves when it is eventually released into the market. With XEL joining the wave-making and volatile music industry, the whole world awaits a swell period in the area of good music of dancing and listening pleasure that will transcend our immediate environment. He says emphatically and boldly too that in five years to this time, he will be competing favourably with the likes of superstars 2face, Davido, Wizkid, Olamide and Kiss Daniels of this clime, if not surpass them in their acts, all things being equal. Welcome to the world of excellence and sensational music as propositioned by the Xel master himself.

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